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Testi 1 nga Anglishtja

1. Which word is different

2. The sentence ‘He is waiting outside right now.’ is in the
Past simpe
Present continuous
Present simple
Past continuous

3. Choose the correct sentence:
The students have had a lot of at the party fun
The students have had a lot of fun at the party
The students had have a lot of fun at the party
The students have had at the party a lot of fun

4. Read the dialogue carefully and choose the best description to complete the dialogue: Father: I don’t like the people you hang around with. Daughter: Why? What do you mean? Father: I told you. I don’t want you to _______.
spend a lot of time with them
work with them
go to the same school with them
buy a present for them

5. Read the following sentences carefully: 1. Thank you. Could I order now? 2. Excuse me. Is this table free? 3. Could I have the menu, please? 4. Sorry, it isn’t. But that one is. 5. The menu? Certainly, sir. Here you are, sir. The correct order of sentences to form a dialogue is:
1 2 5 4 3
2 4 3 5 1
2 1 4 5 3
4 3 5 2 1

6. <

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